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  -Reno 2001- September 13-16
Past Years Of Air Race Coverage 1997 | 1998 | 1999
  • Furias Racing: Pilot Announced Furias has a flight crew for Reno 2000. Many probably already knew the choice but it is formally announced in this story, along with many details of the plans for the historic racer "Furias." She's ready and waiting to be flown to her new home by her new race pilot!

  • 2000 Pylon Racing School Entry list UPDATE as of 6-14 New entries.... You will like what you see here race fans!!

  • Blue Skies Forever Al Redick His memory forever etched into all who knew him, Al Redick is memorialized by his friends and family at the June 10, 2000 ceremony, held at Stead Field. Mark S. Daniels brings a touching view of the goodbye to an old friend by his fellow aviators, friends and family.

  • Furias In The Air Again There's more to come in this story! Stay tuned for additional details.

  • NemesisNXT Nemesis Air Racing reveals the basic shape of the new racer. Our artist, Keith Krasnowski, takes the drawing a few steps further and brings the new shape to life! Get a look at the shape of things to come in this NemesisNXT update!

  • People Who Race: Dave Morss 30 years a pilot, 20 years an Air Racer. What's next for this talented pilot and racer?

  • Nemesis NXT- Ever wonder why someone would retire one of the most successful racers of all time to build another? Well... here's the answer!!

  • Jimmy Leeward Photo Essay Slide Show- One of the great contributors to Warbird flying and Air Racing. Florida's Jimmy Leeward is one of the most experienced pilots racing today. Join us in this look back and ahead at his career!

  • Huntress III Returns For Reno 2000 ! 2000, the year of te comeback!

  • Reno Air Races: Precious Metal- Another historic racer slated to return to the Pylons of Reno for the opening event of the new century!

  • People Who Race: Vlado Lenoch-
    We interview the 1999 Unlimited Bronze winner!

  • Air Race Humor By "Kraz" Our newest AAFO.COM team member, aims his humorous barbs at our favorite sport! Very Funny!

  • Furias Returns To Reno For 2000-
    New partners, Bill Rogers and Dale Stolzer, have "one 4360 and one large red shipping container" being readied for action at Reno 2000!

  • Jon Sharp Awarded Pulitzer Trophy- Sharp wins again!

  • Reno Air Races- RARA Update Bob Hoover cancels 2000 schedule, makes room for much more Blue Angel Show. Mark S. Daniels checks in with Reno Air Race Association President, Mike Houghton.

  • "MiG ALLEY USA" Mark S. Daniels at "Stead" takes a look at the "mysterious" MiG's of Aviation Classics, Ltd. [part I of III]

  • Reno Air Races: Thunder Mustang "Thunder Over Reno"
    A new engine and a new way to buy the airplane may just help fill the Nevada sky with the 3/4 scale "Mini Mustang"!

  • Multi-Media Gallery- The sights and sounds of aviation and the Reno National Championship Air Races. [under construction but check it out]

  • Reno Air Races: Critical Mass Just what happened last year and how are things going now for this promising Air Racing Team. We check in with Critical Mass Air Racing!

  • People Who Race: Bob Hannah
    Though he never won "Reno" This is one racer who won the hearts of his fans and fellow racers. Bob Hannah talks about what it was like to Race.. and what it is like to walk away.

  • Reno Air Racing: Sharp Resigns International Formula One Champion, IF1 Association President, Jon Sharp, leaves position to concentrate on "Nemesis NXT"

  • MARTIN-BAKER MB5 Replica: Could we see this historic replica take the pylons? (includes photo gallery)

  • Reno Air Racing: Into The Millennium Where does RARA see the sport headed? Mark S. Daniels interviews Reno Air Race Association President, Mike Houghton.

  • Lloyd Hamilton: Another competitor is gone. Brad Haskin remembers one of air racing's finest, Lloyd Hamilton.

  • Hamilton Memorial Held Ceremony held at Santa Rosa Hanger.

  • Matt Jackson "Inked" As Voodoo Pilot:
    It's official! Matt Jackson will be the "driver" for Bob Button's beautuful "Voodoo". Read what Matt has to say in this interview, with
    AAFO.COM editor,
    Wayne Sagar.

    AAFO.COM's Reno Correspondent, Mark Daniels, has been covering air racing for over two decades. In this historic recounting of a very rare opportunity, Mark takes us along for "The Ride" of a lifetime! Backseat in a P-51 Mustang, in competition, around the pylons at "Mojave '79"!

  • Dago Red Will Return For Reno 2000:
    Dago will race- Bruce Lockwood will not. Dago's owner, Terry Bland, fills in a "few" of the blanks on this very interesting Reno Air Racing story.

  • Hannah Retires From Air Racing:
    Long time crowd favorite, Bob Hannah, hangs up his helmet.

  • Thunder Mustang: UPDATE-
    Good news from Papa 51! There's a new man at the helm of the Nampa Idaho kit builder!

  • In Plane Video- (UPDATED VERSION!)
    Jim booth flies "MYT6 against "Archimedes", Flown by Jim, Stu and Bill Eberhardt! Sneak a peek at this Real Streaming Video clip from
    Eye In The Sky Productions!

  • Video Interview with David de Vos!
    AAFO.COM Editor talks with Dave de Vos in this Real Streaming Video interview!

  • Unlimited: The Movie- Blue Yonder Pictures', David de Vos, takes us inside for a look at his upcoming movie!

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