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Dec 08 1999 -Inside Air Racing- Update:

The announcement by Terry Bland that his airplane, Dago Red was up for sale two weeks ago stunned the air race community. The "ink" barely dried on that story when we received word that the sale had been called off! That was the good news... the bad news was that 98'-99' Reno winner, Bruce Lockwood, had decided to call it quits as Dago's pilot.... One of the finest people in the sport, Bruce Lockwood's name will forever be etched into the "legends of Air Racing".... But what about the Dago-sale/no sale? We decided there was no better person to ask than Dago's owner, Terry Bland.


aafo: So you're going to be back in 2000!

Bland: "Yes!"

aafo: Is Bruce going to fly the airplane again for 2000?

Bland: "No, we talked it over and he's not going to do it, so we're going to look for another pilot."

aafo: We're awfully glad to hear you are staying in it..... It did get a bit confusing with the on again off again sale....

Bland: "After talking to Bruce and everyone we just decided to go ahead, Bruce wants to be part of the team and let's just see if we can get another win."

aafo: Any official word on who the new pilot for Dago might be....?

Bland: "No... not at this point. They've talked to some different people.. They'll call me when they get real serious. There's been a few names mentioned as possible contacts, that's all I can tell you. Until something comes beyond that, I don't know."

aafo: Well Terry, bottom line here is the fans will be thrilled to hear that Dago will be back.... !

Bland: "All the actions I had taken prior to this have been stopped, we're just going ahead with the race."


Some pretty interesting seats are opening up for Reno 2000! Voodo will have a new "skipper" Dago as well.... We've heard a few "leaks" on some mods going onto some of the contenders... New pilots, new mods... New race course layout (more on this later) Hey... as always... This next Reno promises to be the best one yet.... Aren't they always!


-Wayne Sagar-

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